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In a forward thinking, family-friendly company

Placing ambitious, busy London parents in modern companies.

We help our clients bridge their talent gap by helping them hire a more diverse workforce. Our candidates are ambitious, well-educated parents with impressive career backgrounds. We really get to know our local candidates and take pride in knowing our London parent networks. Some of them have taken a career break and want to get back into the workforce. Others are in a job role but now looking to work for a company that is flexible and family-friendly. Happy, thriving employees mean everyone benefits and businesses grow.

How can we help your search?

I'm looking for talent to grow my team or business

We offer a superb service, going the extra mile and working hard to find the perfect candidate for the role.

Learn more about our talent pool of professionals, the skill sets we recruit, and how we partner with clients to bridge their talent gap.

I'm a candidate looking for a new role

Many parents need a job that offers some flexibility around either location or working hours to fit around family life.

We'll help you find a flexible job working for a forward thinking company that understands parents' needs and responsibilities.

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Parents & Careers launches in partnership with James Caan CBE and Recruitment Entrepreneur!

Parents & Careers is a unique recruitment firm placing top candidates in family-friendly, forward thinking companies and the latest business to partner with Recruitment Entrepreneur’s REflex group.

23 Nov 2021
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